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SILAE – Core principles

The fundamental objective of SILAE is to promote the research, development and use of medicinal and food plants in different countries of the world. SILAE welcomes and actively seeks opportunities to work cooperatively, activating and intensifying scientific relations between Countries and between SILAE Members.

SILAE proposes to establish contacts with Scientific Communities, Universities, Research Centres for the pursuit of medicinal and food plants knowledge. Science is international.

SILAE aims to be a truly international scientific organization by providing access to the scientific literature to anyone, anywhere; by publishing works, through our SILAE Special Issues, from every nation; by engaging a geographically diverse group of scientists in technical-scientific relationships, projects and interexchange programs and visits.

Since SILAE was founded, its objective has been set to contribute to the close examination of the themes of great interest and concern in the context of the relationships between Latin America and European Union.

In addition to this, it aimed to individualize new ways of collaboration among its member countries, also in the amplest frame of the European as well as Asiatic continent to sign under such accords with intergovernmental organisms.

Moreover SILAE_live, the one-to-one live chat on our website, is the first scientific chat on the web and is a developed tool to engage the interest and imagination of the public and helping non-scientists to understand and enjoy scientific discoveries and the scientific process.

Welcome to Milazzo!

The peninsula of land that extends from the Sicilian coastline towards the Aeolian Islands is home to the city of Milazzo. It is not just one city, but three, which mixes many different architectural styles. Overlooking the city of Milazzo is the castle and the ancient walls. The old city center or “borgo” lies in the shadow of the Castle on the foot of the hillside and has many examples of striking medieval architecture. The modern city is found along the coastline and near the port. “Modern” relative to the “borgo”, yet some of the building in this zone are from the 1500s. The Cape of Milazzo offers amazing and unique views: from the Aeolian Islands to the white cap of Mt. Etna that reaches a height of 3,325 meters and towers over the mountain ridges of Nebrodi. It is an unforgettable site and a photographers dream, and has a unique history.

By car

Take E45 street for 132km, and take the exit Milazzo-Isole Eolie from A20/E90

By rail

Take the train RV 3860 from Catania Centrale station, after 5 stops you will arrive in Messina, after that take the train RV 3785 to Milazzo.

By bus

Take the bus Sicilia-nord from Catania central station to Messina, when you’ll arrive in Messina go to the Messina central station and take the train REG 12717 Patti-S.Piero Patti for 6 stops

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